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I prepared a number of WWW-links to information sources I like. Still a bit confusing, but I'm improving it all the time. Links to:

  • UNIX and Programming
  • HTML and WWW
  • Search Engines
  • Semiconductor Physics
  • Publishing in Physics
  • Journals
  • Other Interesting Pages
  • New! My bibliographies are online.

    People I know. There seem to be just a few with pages on the web.


    These are private: local documentation of woven goods for linux.

  • GNU tasks for volunteers.
  • GNU rules for package maintainers.
  • screen terminal multiplexer.
  • GNU BFD library for managing object files.
  • GNU binutils.
  • Cygnus configure.
  • GNU coding standards.
  • Paper about configure.
  • GNU as assembler.
  • GNU gasp assembler preprocessor.
  • GNU gprof profiler.
  • GNU ld linker.
  • GNU library public licence.
  • The Gimp image manipulation progam.
  • Standard Template Library (STL) introduction.
  • ANSI C++ Draft Standard.
  • I'm doing spectroscopy - that's where all these funny colors are investigated. Here's more information about me (including my resume and my list of publications).

    No netscape specific features are used anymore, but, up to now, the pages are tested mainly under Netscape. Using Mosaic, some of them look ugly, but this may be due to the well known bugs of some recent Mosaic versions. I've checked them using GNUscape under emacs, and this also works, with the exception of some tables. Please report any problems with other WWW clients.

    Ralf Schwedler. Finger me!
    I'm maintaining this server (um2gess0.ges.univ-montp2.fr:8080).

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