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You can read the bibliographies which I use for my scientific work.


My main bibliography
This file is really large. I suggest that you don't try to load it if you're not on our local network. Use the search engine to access it. The bibliography contains papers from the field of III/V (mainly InGaAsP and related) semiconductors and semiconductor heterostructures, with focus on optical properties and the related experimental and theoretical techniques.
High bandgap semiconductors
SiC and GaN, and related information
Rare-earth doped sulphides and their optical properties.

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Instructions on how to use the search engine are at the end of this page. The engine is a little bit buggy - try the default search to see some examples.


I noticed that lynx has problems using the <VALUE> tag in the selector properly. Does anybody know a workaround?

Search Engine Usage Instructions

This text is directly stolen from the bibsearch script which is © 1995 David Hull. http://www.uiuc.edu/ph/www/dlhull .

To find a paper, you can specify keywords, authors, or both. If you specify both keywords and authors, only papers that match on both the keywords and authors will be found. Matches are case insensitive.

For the keyword field, you can specify multiple keywords separated by commas. A paper will match if any one of the keywords matches. A keyword will match only at the beginning of a word, so that ``do'' will match ``domain'' but not ``tandom.'' The keyword search finds words anywhere in the bibliography entry.

For author field, you can specify multiply authors separated by commas. A paper will match only if all of the authors match. An author must match a whole word, so that ``smith'' will not match ``Smithy.'' Because first names are often abbreviated in bibliographies, it is safer to search only on last names.

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