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  • UNIX and Programming

    INFO tree
    Links to lots of GNU documentation online.
    CIAC Security Notes
    Computer security information.
    Netlib at The Univ. of Tennessee and ORNL
    Huge library of numerical methods, mainly in FORTRAN, for free use in scientific environments. If you have an idea of what you need, the attribute-value database is the fastest way to success.
    Customer support site for Numerical Recipes. Only useful for people who own the book and the disks.
    C++ April Working Paper
    The most actual definition of the C++ language and libraries. Quite difficult to understand and not suitable to learn C++. Mirror site in Holland. Mirror site in Stanford.
    Tutorials for Network and Scientific Visualization Tools
    Very nice introductions to collage, xprism, xmgr , xpaint, plotmtv, xv, xnetlib and xarchie.
    UNIXhelp for users
    This answers all the dumb questions.
    XForms is a library and an interface designer for UNIX platforms. There is still another XForms Home Page (which seems to lead to the same content), and a page devoted to the use of XForms with C++.
    Compare the Linux version to the Windows version on the same machine, and you will want Linux!
    Is a multi-windowed FTP interface, but also an excellent local file manager.
    is a spreadsheet for Unix. They have a free shareware version for Linux.
    LaTeX and the GNUPLOT Plotting Program
    Eric Kahler's FVWM Web Page

    Linux stuff

    Moving to ELF
    Linux and ELF
    a new word processor for Linux.
    Linux Filesystem Structure
    Linux Kernel Hacker's Guide
    Linux Documentation Project
    Query Interface to the Linux Software Map Harvest Broker

    HTML and WWW

    How big is the web? Internet Domain Survey.

    Local copies of HTML and WWW documentation

    You can try to read them here, but should check whether it's really faster than the original sites (I should add some links here).
    HTML primer
    Composing good HTML
    Netscape extensions to HTML

    HTML and WWW Documentation


    RFC 1808
    Relative Uniform Resource Locators
    RFC 1738
    Uniform Resource Locators (URL)
    If you still don't understand why Netscape and HTML are not synonymous, read HTML 3.0 vs. NHTML 1.1 and The Myth of Netscape and HTML 3.0.

    HTML Docs

    UR* and The Names and Addresses of WWW objects

    CERN Server Docs

    CERN Server User Guide
    How to set up a protected CERN server
    CERN WWW server installation manual
    Syntax of CERN server configuration (rule) file
    Icons and Images
    for use in web documents. A well sorted collection, and a lot of links to other sites. Another one is in Montana.


    HAL HTML checker
    A very useful syntax checker for HTML.
    Tools for WWW providers
    HTML Converters and Editors
    HTML converters

    Network Services

    News (NNTP Protocol)

    Public access news servers seem to shut down quite frequently, probably due to overuse. The pages quoted here list some of them.

    Publicly-accessible NNTP servers
    Public Access News Servers on the Net

    I checked some of the addresses, and found, at that time, the following to work for me:

    Unfortunately, this one does not allow posting; I'm still searching for a server carrying the de.* groups and allowing me to post.
    DejaNews Research Service
    archives lots of newsgroups.


    Finger Gateway
    is a script to finger somebody using a WWW browser.


    Doug's WWW Mail Gateway 2.1.1
    if you wan't to write email using HTML forms.
    Informations about anonymous Email

    Search Engines

    I have provided a simple forms-based interface to some of the more popular search engines on the web.

    The complement of all these search engines is the Netmind services, which sends you e-mail whenever a page changes. To cancel a registered page, you need the registration code and the Cancellation Form.

    Lycos Search Form
    The best (IMHO) search engine for WWW pages (even knows about my homepage).
    List of WWW Archie Services
    File oriented internet search; I usually use the german server.
    World-Wide Web Servers
    The master list of all WWW servers.
    Graphical map of german WWW servers
    WWW Server Germany (in german)
    This list also contains links to some forms based search tools.
    Das Postleitzahlbuch
    German postal area codes.
    has search engines for lots of buerocratic, but important information: area codes, ZIP codes, bank codes, and much more. Most data are for Germany, but there are also some for the USA and Canada.
    Commercial WWW Servers in Germany
    A subset of the full list.
    Dante TeX Index
    The search engine of the german TeX user group. Contains references to everything needed for TeX and LaTeX.
    CARL Public Access Catalog
    The only place in the world featuring free scientific article searches. Also provides free library catalog accesses to various american libraries.
    Melvyl public library catalogue
    Melvyn is the catalogue of all California university libraries. Very useful to find references about english or american books. The page contains general informations, actual access is via telnet.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Not really a search engine, but a repository of useful FAQs about almost everything discussed on the net.
    RWTH Aachen: Library
    Contains a searchable book catalogue.

    Semiconductor Physics

    Optical Design Symbols
    Unit conversion tables
    Table of Fundamental Physical Constants
    Physics Servers and Services Around the World
    III-V Integrated Devices and Circuits
    III-V Integrated Devices and Circuits Group at the University of Michigan.
    Center for Ultrafast Optical Science
    again, in Michigan.
    The Semiconductor Subway
    has links to all semiconductor related research at MIT.
    Semiconductor Spectroscopy Laboratory
    in Amherst, USA.
    Semiconductor Spectroscopy & Devices
    in Strathclyde, Scotland.
    Institut für Halbleitertechnik, Chair I, RWTH Aachen
    Institut für Halbleitertechnik, Chair II, RWTH Aachen
    Lycos search: semiconductor spectroscopy
    Institut für Schicht- und Ionentechnik der KFA

    Like everybody, we are interested in getting money:

    Institutions Sponsoring Research

    I'M - EUROPE
    European Community home page. This one is as confusing as the EC itself. They say you should have a full-time employee to understand all this stuff.
    Information about TMR
    4th Framework
    document library
    deadline list
    Nato Gopher Main directory. Among many military stuff, they also offer research fellowships. The latter link contains the relevant national addresses.

    Physics Jobs Related Informations

    German job related news.
    German job related news discussion group.
    German physics related news.
    Physics World Jobs Online
    This server (they also have a mailing list) mainly offers positions in great britain.
    Yahoo - Business and Economy:Employment:Jobs
    Provides a huge list of sites dealing with jobs, mainly in the US.
    Appointments by Country
    Contains mainly computer/programming oriented jobs, sorted by country, including germany .
    DPG (German Physical Society)
    They also have a (frustrating) list of people searching jobs and, sometimes, actual offers.

    Publishing in Physics

    American Physical Society
    All the Physical Review journals, and others.
    Electronic Author Status Inquiry System
    PRB, General Information
    The Institute of Physics
    Publisher of Semiconductor Science and Technology
    Publisher of Solid State Electronics
    Academic Press
    Publisher of Superlattices and Microstructures
    Chapman & Hall
    APL Online
    Applied Physics Letters offers online subscription.
    1995 PACS
    The Physics Abstracts Classification Scheme.
    Springer Verlag
    TeX style files for Springer journals (include Applied Physics A).


    Hm, I still don't know whether I like the new layout. They have an overview page and selected articles from the printed version.
    iX Magazine Linux homepage
    Their server contains a list of exhibitors at the 1995 GUUG.
    German News: this month , today
    World News

    Just for Fun

    sushi pictures John's Sushi Restaurant Reference Page
    The world-wide sushi restaurant reference. If you want to compose your own sushi, and watch the result, go to the sushi parlor.
    The GNN/Koblas Currency Converter
    Convert any currency.
    Railroad connections in Germany
    Unfortunately, this server still operates on a daily mail-exchange basis. Information is limited to connections within Germany.
    Merkblatt Vergütung
    German public services payment list (BAT).
    Summer holidays in Germany
    Edinburgh malt whisky tour
    German telephone prices
    got much more confusing this year. Another server in Duisburg contains a list adapted for online usage, including download prices for various modem speeds.
    Internet Movie Database
    The best source of movie information available out there, includes one of the best search engines I know.
    The following pages are kept local on this machine to allow for fast access.


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