April Working Paper

The Working Paper is broken down into the following sections:
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: General [intro]
Chapter 2: Lexical conventions [lex]
Chapter 3: Basic concepts [basic]
Chapter 4: Standard conversions [conv]
Chapter 5: Expressions [expr]
Chapter 6: Statements [stmt.stmt]
Chapter 7: Declarations [dcl.dcl]
Chapter 8: Declarators [dcl.decl]
Chapter 9: Classes [class]
Chapter 10: Derived classes [class.derived]
Chapter 11: Member access control [class.access]
Chapter 12: Special member functions [special]
Chapter 13: Overloading [over]
Chapter 14: Templates [template]
Chapter 15: Exception handling [except]
Chapter 16: Preprocessing directives [cpp]
Chapter 17: Library introduction [lib.library]
Chapter 18: Language support library [lib.language.support]
Chapter 19: Diagnostics library [lib.diagnostics]
Chapter 20: General utilities library [lib.utilities]
Chapter 21: Strings library [lib.strings]
Chapter 22: Localization library [lib.localization]
Chapter 23: Containers library [lib.containers]
Chapter 24: Iterators library [lib.iterators]
Chapter 25: Algorithms library [lib.algorithms]
Chapter 26: Numerics library [lib.numerics]
Chapter 27: Input/output library [lib.input.output]
Annex A: Grammar summary [gram]
Annex B: Implementation quantities [limits]
Annex C: Compatibility [diff]
Annex D: Future directions [future.directions]

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